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Create seamless induction experiences on Microsoft Teams, Slack or Workplace.
Improve awareness and usage of employee benefits or company perks.
Ensure important company news is seen, read and acted upon.
Globe Telecom, APAC

Globe Telecom increased employee recognition by 900% year on year.

What will you build?
Ensure your staff are set up for success and comfortable with using Microsoft Teams.
Automatically answer commonly asked questions and reduce burden on support teams.
Reboard staff returning to work after long term leave, share relevant resources and check in with them over time.
Honest Burgers, EMEA

Honest Burgers saw a 100% completion rate on training.

What will you build?
Create an open channel of communication between staff and leadership teams.
Build reward tools tied to company values or specific award categories.
Create an interactive learning guide that lives in Workplace, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

One customer, a global technology company, saw a 75% increase in staff survey response rates.

What will you build?
Easily and quickly gather knowledge, insights and ideas from your workforce.
Create an interactive directory of company acronyms and terminology.
Allow staff to easily and quickly report incidents that occur in and around the workplace.

Ports of Jersey's leadership questions bot increased staff engagement by 250%

What will you build?
Ensure staff are aware of important security updates, announcements and alert IT teams to incidents.
Get staff feedback and reaction to key company announcements, launches, events and more.
Enable staff to easily and anonymously report issues of concern or malpractice.

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Build a better event with your own digital concierge that handles comms, logistics and more.
Ensure your workforce is kept up to date on key company crisis announcements and responses.
Promote internal job openings, automate applications and retain your best talent.

Over 98% of Moneypenny's staff participated in their Secret Santa campaign.

What will you build?
Replace time sucking recurring stand up calls or meetings with an asynchronous task tracking assistant.
Encourage staff to set objectives and goals. Check in on progress and celebrate completions.
Drive employee engagement and appreciation around the festive season.
Increase staff engagement and build company culture around one of the biggest sporting events of the year using a Football Cup Predictor.

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