What are the best bots for Bestbuy?

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January 13, 2021

As a rise has been seen in botting, users have also turned into markets other than the sneakers. BestBuy has become a user favorite when it comes to botting as the retail store boasts huge varieties of products. 

BestBuy is primarily being used to acquire PS5 and the new Xbox through bots as they get sold out in a matter of seconds. BestBuy also does not have any major anti-bot protections in place, which makes botting all the easier.

Beware of those who root for the botting industry ban, well so far it is still legal. So without further ado, let’s discuss the best bots for BestBuy

Eve AIO best bot for BestBuy?

bot best buy

One of the top choices for BestBuy is Eve AIO. Eve AIO X is one of the high-tier bots in the market. Apart from BestBuy, Eve AIO supports a number of other sites as well. Its performance is known overall, not just for one site. Although a good part of the user-base utilizes the bot for sneaking copping, Eve AIO has a lot to offer to other copping markets as well. Users have regarded Eve AIO as one of the best bots for BestBuy. It is reported to have a good success rate when it comes to copping Xbox and PS5 off BestBuy. 

Eve AIO has a built-in monitor that allows users to keep track of all their favorite products and never miss any new release. The site monitor also has a good speed, and with the monitor, users can save quite a lot on proxies and servers. The bot has a good notification system. Users can opt for a number of notification modes and be alerted via Discord, Twitter, SMS, or Slack. 

The success tracking tab is the Eve AIO bot, a good tool for users to track their successes. The tab is pretty straightforward and displays all the useful information that might be required by the users. 

Eve AIO has a unique and innovative feature called the image picker. With this feature, users can cop their favorite products even if they do not have the keywords. Users can click images of the desired products, and the bot will add those items to its lists. 

Eve AIO is priced at $250 with a monthly renewal of $35. Users also get one month of free usage. 

Eve AIO can be considered a relatively cheap bot considering the market is highly competitive, and the bot can be used not just for sneakers but also for a wide variety of other sites. For $250, users get lifetime access to all features without exception. The users can access the Di cord community and its knowledge base. Customer support is available 24/7 to facilitate users facing any issues. 

However, Eve AIO has suffered from some inconsistencies. The bot had a phenomenal success rate when it initially launched, but ,it has turned out to be quite unpredictable with some major fluctuations in performance over the years. But the development team is very active and has been consistently rolling out updates that improve the performance in some way. 

Scottbot, another good bot for Bestbuy

best bot bestbuy

It is not just the sneaker market that is popular in the botting world. Bots are popular in all kinds of collectible markets. However, there are not many bots that support a wide range of sites, and even though the collectible resale market is huge, too, not much attention has been paid to it. 

The Scottbot was released in 2019, and it quickly made a name for itself in the collectible market because of its amazing features and success rate. The Scottbot has been in the headlines of hyped-up drops of collectibles ever since its launch, with the majority of the stock being cooked by Scottbot users. 

Scottbot supports toy sites, shopping sites, boutique sites, and retails stores. It has one of the biggest supported site collections. This is not something that is seen every day in the botting world. Many bots either are in the sneaker market or somewhere else. The diversity of the supported sites is definitely a huge plus of Scottbot. But we have to say, Scottbot is something else entirely when it comes to Bestbuy. The bot completely destroys BestBuy. 

The support team is highly active, and efficient. The team is very user-friendly. Many guides and tutorials are available for new users. The developer of the Scottbot likes to keep in close contact with the community and pays special attention to the users’ needs. 

However, the user interface can be considered a problem. The development team has made progress with the user interface, but even now, users have mixed opinions when it comes to the UI of the bot. The developers are also keeping the user interface in mind with every update, and we get to see more and more improvements with every update. 

Scottbot is available for retail at a price of $200 and a yearly renewal of $100. It is one of the cheap sneaker bots in the market, considering how the prices of the bots can skyrocket. 

Scottbot is one of the affordable bots that also has a great success rate and a wide range of sites that are supported. We totally recommend the bot for BestBuy, but if you ever grow tired of botting on BestBuy, the bot will not be a bad investment because you can move into other markets as well. 

Final Words

Well, if you ask us, Eve AIO and Scottbot are your bots if you want to cop products off BestBuy. When it comes to pricing, of course, the renewals are much cheaper on Eve AIO making it more feasible an option for BestBuy botters out there.

The world doesn’t end on Eve AIO and Scottbot for BestBuy, but these two certainly turn the right wheels. Although you can find more options, these can be considered best of the best for BestBuy with Eve AIO leading the board. That’s a lot of bests… Happy Botting Folks! And remember to ask your cook group for more information about the set ups for Bestbuy.

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