What are the best bots for Footlocker in 2021?

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December 26, 2020

Footlocker happens to be one of the largest sports retailers, and getting that scrumptious beauty of a sneaker may just be every other sneakerhead’s dream. Well, the system is broken, and there are hardly any ways to get your hands on one without a bot or an after market place. If you find using a bot unethical, please read our article on aftermarket sales options. But if you are looking for the best sneaker bots for Footlocker, this is your safe haven.

If you have plans to commence a business in the sneaker world and in copping unique and recent release shoes, streetwear, and attire assortments from FootAction destinations, at that point you need a FootAction Bot to be effective at it – copping during drops without a bot; it isn’t just disappointing yet tedious. And it’s no surprise that as a sneaker reseller or enthusiastic, using such bots is actually a must, because without its help it’s impossible to find the right sneaker at the right time.

Footlocker Bots are usually not standalone but also provide support for other Footsites 

  • Footlocker
  • EastBay
  • Champs Sports 
  • Footsites.

Best Sneaker Bots for Footlocker in 2021

With time as technologies advance new bots tech join the game every year. Every year we’re introduced to a whole new collection of new and improved bots. But let’s be real, there’s no telling how they’ll perform because who’s there to vouch for them?

And considering how expensive bots are, it matters that rather than making a risky investment in some new unknown bot, you do your research and get one that’s assured to be one of the best sneaker bots. Here are a few from the list of potential successes of 2021

Cyber AIO

steady soles cook group

Cybersole AIO is one of the most popular bots in the game right now. A piece of this goes to the achievement rate it has produced over time. What’s more, a big portion of its making goes to the young enthusiasts’ minds who created such a bot that has made it easier for resellers and sneaker enthusiasts; reselling bots. So if you’re someone who feels the need to purchase Cybersole, you’ll need to pay a decent total.

Now if you’re thinking of an affordable fix for a good working bot, you can even now cop Jordans and Yeezys, utilizing Cybersole. The sneaker network is one of the most supportive you’ll actually join. You can lease a sneaker bot for a period as short as one day, or up to a month. What’s more, this likewise applies to Cybersole. And if you’re someone that wants simply check it out, ensure you pick the ideal time and lease any of the sneaker bots to perceive what you’re getting yourself into. You can avail it for a day, a month or even a year.


steady soles cook group

AIO bots are the real deal of the sneaker bot community. They should be your ideal investment when you think about copping, collecting, and reselling sneakers. AIO Bot is easily one of the best sneaker bots in the game. This bot is the ideal go-to for 2021 as in 2020 it has gotten amazing views and reviews since it launched back in 2014. Supporting Shopify, Adidas, Yeezysupply, and killing it on Footsites. If you’re a newbie, AIO Bot is also one of the easiest bots to run if you’re just getting started. And the price of $325 is far from being a deal-breaker. Add to that the availability factor, and you got yourself one of the best sneaker bots ever.


jupiter notify cook group

Nikeshoebot or NSB is another highly-performing All-in-one Bot in the sneaker industry. This unique bot is an ahead outfits game; it supports Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, and more. 

The best thing about NSB is that in 2021, NSB’s name was referenced among the top-scoring bots on most deliveries. This year, among NSB’s best cops, we can specify the Jordan 1 Satin Snakeskin, Yeezy Carbon and Zyon, Travis Scott’s Cactus Trails, and a great many Supreme things. What’s more, well NSB maintained a very consistent success, plus the fact that it’s always-in-stock which mean it won’t let u down made NSB one of the most sought-after bots. And if you were to compare its retail price of $499/year with OOS bots’ resale value, NSB might win-win for you.


jupiter notify cook group

TheKickStation, otherwise known as TKS, was a standout amongst other sneaker bots in 2019 and 2020, so yes it has a high chance of shining in 2021. With its capacity focuses being Footsites and Shopify-based sites. TKS UI is viewed as somewhat dubious about working with so it probably won’t be the best bot for fledgelings. Although, at the cost of $360, it is reasonable speculation if you consider the possible ROI that you cop. 

The greatest destruction would be that it’s unavailable. So you can’t simply get it when you’ve set aside enough. You’re most likely destined to address the resale cost which can go up to over $800. Yet, simply if you truly need this bot, specifically, you can generally lease it or get it second-hand off Discord workers. What’s more, that is the place where most sneaker bot exchanging occurs. It would help if you simply discovered a sneakerhead that is not intrigued by whatever drop you’re copping.


jupiter notify cook group

Phantom, the AIO Bot by Ghost is a one of a kind bot that increases your money as this goes as low as $300 for a nice across the board bot isn’t a lot to pay, and we’re straightforward here. Although, when a shoe bot like this decides on an OOS plan of action, things get expensive. You can have a look for yourself over Botmart for the current pricing.

Thus, in case you’re longing to cop sneakers or Supreme utilizing Phantom, support yourself to shed anything from $1500 to $2000. Yet, even that isn’t a great deal thinking about the amount you can make when you do your best and cop shrewd. Thus, back to Phantom. Probably the most recent amazing yet benefiting drops for Phantom incorporate the Yeezy Quantum Barium, Jordan 1 Royal Toes, Jordan 13 Flints, and Yeezy 700 MNVN Black.

Best Priced Resi Proxies In The Game

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