What are the best Nike and Snkrs App bots in 2021?

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January 18, 2021

Nike is a premium brand of sneakers. Founded in 1964, the brand has garnered a reputation that stands unparalleled in the market. Nike is one of the top three things following when asked about sneakers from any sneakerhead. Nike has some of the most expensive kicks in the market, and their price touches the sky when they go to the secondary market. For any sneakerhead, grabbing the newest addition to Nike’s collection is no less than a feat to be rewarded. While resellers, knowing the value of the kicks in the resale market, would treat Nike sneakers no less than like finding a treasure.

Some of the best Nike and Snkrs app bots

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The competition for acquiring Nike sneakers is cutthroat; hence, there are many bots designed specifically for the Nike website and SNKRS app. But Nike is not a fan of sneaker bots. The company has been vocal about its disdain for sneaker bots and how they have plagued the industry. Nike has in place one of the most sophisticated anti-bot security both for its application and website. If you want to cop a few Nike kicks, you would need a bot that matches Nike’s security in terms of sophistication.

Some of the best Nike and Snkrs app bots in 2021

Dragon bot

Dragon AIO bot is a top-notch bot for Nike SNRKS and its website. Users have reported phenomenal success with a good number of kicks being copped in a single release.

Dragon bot, like all major bots in the market, is out of stock. The bot cannot be bought in the primary market, and it has a resale price tag of $20,000. Yes, that’s right! The bot resales f $20,000. Since the price in the secondary marketplace is determined by a lot of factors related to the working of the bot, the price itself is telling of the quality of the bot. According to users who have used it, the high price tag attached to the bot is totally worth it. Even though the bot market is highly volatile, users are convinced that Dragon AIO will not be going down any time soon. If anything, the bot is expected to rise in value.

The price of the bot is its biggest con. Botters shy away from the bot after seeing the price tag, but it is somewhat justified given its performance. However, the bot is only for those who are completely dedicated to sneakers resale because, otherwise, it would be a bad investment.

The Shit Bot

The Shit Bot (TSB) is another top-tier bot that guarantees success to botters. The bot has been regarded as one of the top-performing automation software for Nike. It supports Nike in around forty regions. TSB bot is a great bot for the Nike website and SNKRS application. It completely destroys the website. The bot’s user interface is very advanced and, at the same time, very simple because of which users can easily figure out and understand the bot.

Moreover, the TSB bot is known for its support team. The customer support team is available to help out with any problems you encounter and provide you with detailed guides.

Nike Shoe Bot

NSB is regarded as one of the finest tools in the marketplace for Nike, and it takes third place in our list. Although it is majorly known for its performance on Nike, it supports more than a hundred websites. The bot is a comparatively decent bot on most of the websites. Nike Shoe Bot is an ancient bot. NSB bot is regarded as the pioneers of sneaker bots and enjoys a good reputation because of being the original bot.

The bot matches up to its reputation in respect of functionality and success. The capabilities of the bot stand unrivalled, and users rave about the victory rate of the bot. Nike Shoe Bot is also known for its easy installation process, which ensures that users can set up the bot without any hassle. Nike Shoe Bot can be bought through ordering from the official website for about $500 per year.

Better Nike Bot

Better Nike Bot or BNB is one of the first Nike bots in the marketplace. It has established a good repute for itself throughout the years. In all its years, the bot has been giving out a consistently good performance on the Nike website. According to the official website, BNB is the #1 bot for the Nike website and SNKRS app.

Better Nike Bot has been known as one of the few bots that have bypassed Nike’s tight security. BNB destroys the site no matter how upgraded the security protocol is. BNB works on all regions of Nike, but there are also AIO versions that support other sites as well. Some of the features of the bot are SNRKS calendar, keyword monitor and bulk task edit. The bot retails for $200, and you do not have to venture into secondary markets for the bot because it is in stock.

How Nike and Snkrs bots work?

Selenium is a pretty popular coding language for Nike bots and you will generally find the language in many popular bots. 

The process is rather simple, a Nike  & Snkrs app bot will automate most if not all the tasks you would normally do manually. Enter your account into a raffle, solve captchas if any, help you jig your address to cop mutliples. Most bots will work both for Nike raffles or FCFS drops. Do remember that you will need proxies and Nike accounts along with your Nike bot so the bot is not the only cost that you will face.

How to choose a Snrks bot?

Picking the right bot can be extremely difficult as all tend to have their ups and downs. As a rule of thumb you can stick to the below to avoid picking the wrong Nike bot. You can find these information on their websites, Discord channel as well as the bots’ Twitter channels.

  • Provides regular updates
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Compatible with different websites
  • Supports proxy
  • Prompt Customer Support
  • Success rate

Are Nike and Snkrs App bots legal?

As of now these bots are totally legal but not quite ethical. You would potentially break the websites’ T&Cs using these softwares but there is no legal risks for you to do so. 

How much does a Nike bot cost?

Prices can differ widely, among the bot mentionned above you can expect to pay anywhere between 300 USD per year to 20K USD one time fee and a couple of extra hundreds to renew your license on a yearly basis. 

For beginners we do recommend getting NSB priced at 400 USD a year. It is a very decent entry bot, simple UI and has a very decent success rate. 

The best proxies for Nike and Snkrs bots

Proxies will make a or break your copping game for Nike and the Snrks App. They are basically as important as the bot you will use when it comes to your success rate. Several points are important to considering while buying proxies to bot Nike.

  • What proxy type should you use? (Residential or Datacenter)
  • What latency / speed is acceptable 
  • What region should you select when generating your proxies

Nike and the Snkrs app are known to be very good at filtering bad proxies and Nike accounts. Finding good providers is absolutely essential.

For beginners we recommend using btwproxy.io, the cheapest Nike proxies in the game. It will allow to start on a low budget. As you progress and start generating a decent amount of profit, you could start mixing in a couple of different providers to see which work best for you. Blank Proxies are known to be good proxies for Nike overall.

Final Words

Botting Nike and the Snkrs App isn’t easy, even with the best of bots you will quickly realize it is a very costly process. Although the learning curve can be long and costly, many make some insane profit on these website and app. We recommend the trial and failure approach but make sure you have a good 2,000 USD set aside before seriously considering getting into this. 

Our recommendation: Get started buying NSB and use btwproxy.io for a cheaper start and try other service providers as you get more familiar with the botting process.

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