What are the best sneaker bots in 2021?

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March 23, 2021

The post-Covid-19 world is seeing major economic shifts across the globe, yet the botting market is quite undeterred but rather growing quickly since the third wave of Coronavirus is hitting one country after another, confining people to their houses.

Shopping and sneaker enthusiasts would certainly not want to miss out on the newest and latest sales, and sneaker bots come in handy when you are confined to your home. Not all bots are always as good as you may read on the internet, so let’s dive into the best of the best.

Kodai Bot

steady soles cook group

Primarily a Shopify bot, Kodai stands on the top of the list with operational support for Mac and Windows computers. The bot comes with a user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI) that allows easy sneaker bot copping not just from Shopify but also Supreme, Adidas, Yeezy supplies, Finishline and JD Spots.

The sneaker copping industry is a dilemma in itself; the stores trying to “block” bots without any legal action against the industry seem almost as if the sneakers industry is breeding the bot copping industry itself. Well, Kodai AIO remains ahead of the game with constant new releases and better options.

Despite the apparent hurdles, the Kodai AIO bot remains to be one of the top sneaker bots with the best success rate. When it comes to money for value, what really matters is the number of sneakers you get to cop, and this is where Kodai Bot is a win/win.

Cybersole AIO

steady soles cook group

Cybersole AIO is the arch-nemesis of Kodai AIO bot; both were primarily launched for Shopify and now continue to provide the latest and newest features to their users, one update after another. The GUI is simpler than Kodai AIO but easy to use to ensure straight forward botting actions, keeping it head to head with the competition.

When it comes to the overall performance, Kodai outsmarts the Cybersole AIO bot, especially with an apparent lower price and a longer list of online stores. But when it comes to speed and Shopify, Cybersole AIO is definitely the pick. Cybersole AIO covers Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, Mesh and Finishline.

Cybersole AIO is one of the few sneaker bots that have been performing well even during the COVID-19 seasons. Although lagging a little behind the top contender, Cybersole would definitely get you some of that sneaker copping beauty if you want real results.

Wrath AIO

steady soles cook group

If Kodai and Cybersole don’t cut out for you, Wrath AIO is your go-to bot in any case. The downside is Wrath AIO covers an even lesser online brand portfolio than the top two. Wrath AIO is available for Shopify and Supreme and has been known to work whenever the top sneaker bots glitch. Wrath is being sold for just as much as Cyber and Kodai near the $5k mark at the time of writing.

Wrath covers almost all the premium features Cybersole and Kodai boast, with analytics, Captcha harvester and multiple checkout support. Well, then what makes Wrath any lesser than the top two bots? Success rate and market saturation, being the pioneer sneaker bots Kodai AIO and Cybersole AIO have a better market segment.

When it comes to the GUI, Wrath is not far behind the top two on that front either but definitely has more to cover in terms of platforms and success rate.

NSB ( For beginners)

jupiter notify cook group

Nike is perhaps the most vocal against bots, and the most recent debacle was last month when the general manager of Nike North America’s son copped 600 Yeezy shoes and sold them at a 10 – 20 percent profit.

Well, it speaks for the state of affairs, but the Nike Shoe Bot remains one of the best beginners’ bots for Nike stores. The NSB bot also offers botting capacity from other stores such as Shopify, Footsie, and over 100 on the list.

Available for both Mac and Windows, the Nike Shoe Bot comes loaded with billing options that allow you to put limits on your purchase and proxy options that allow you to specify proxies for specific tasks with ease. The GUI is rather dull, but the bot sure does compensate in terms of functionality. NSB is considered one of the best bots for beginners looking to begin their copping business.

Project destroyer (Best cheap sneaker bot)

jupiter notify cook group

The top sites Project Destroyer supports include Nike’s SNKRS, 20+ Adidas regions, 10+ Footlocker regions, JDSports, Yeezy Supply, Shopify and Supreme, among over 180 total websites.

The project boasts “advanced” features on the official website including, Cookie Jar, Waterfall monitor, Custom shipping rates, advanced Captcha harvesting logic, mass task editing, proxy delay switch, and proxy groups. All at a price of $200 purchase and $35 monthly renewals, sounds spicy, doesn’t it?

Project destroyer bot is supposedly lightning fast, and the advanced Captcha logic does live up to the claim when it comes to Google Captchas. The success rate, however, is certainly as high as the top tier bots. Besides, the project is comparatively a newer player in the game, so let’s see what the future may hold.

Sole AIO

Last but not least on our list is the Sole AIO bot, “blazing fast” when it comes to Shopify; the bot also offers Adidas, Supreme, Footlocker Europe and Hibbett Sports. Sole AIO bot is known to have exceptional success on some supported websites where it can bypass the queue to cop the exact number of sneaker pairs the user requires.

Well, the sneaker bot code monitor also serves an important role with a live record of your current code to make sure you are patched up to start copping at any given moment.

Despite being promoted as blazing fast, the success rate is, of course, not as high as Kodai, Cybersole or one of the top contenders. However, the sneaker bot is quite cheap and a good option for beginners looking to get into the industry. Once you have the hang of it, one can always upgrade to new and better bots for better performance.

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