What are the best Supreme bots in 2021?

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February 2, 2021

Supreme is one of the top websites in the sneaking industry. Supreme, the streetwear brand, has produced sneakers in collaborations with some of the best designers, musicians, and the likes but also other hyped items. This is one reason why Supreme items are so hyped up and sold out in a matter of minutes.

Sneakerheads have to resort to sneaker bots to be able to get their hands on hyped-up sneakers. We have compiled a list of some of the best bots you can find in the market for Supreme. Read on to find out which bot you should invest to land your hands on a prized Supreme Item.

Velox bot, the best in Supreme bot in 2021

best supreme bot 2021

This bot tops our list of best bots for Supreme. Velox is unarguably the market leader when it comes to Supreme. It has had the tile for a long time now. The success rate of Velox is phenomenal on both the US and UK Supreme. Ever since the bot’s launch in 2018, it has been consistently giving a high success rate on Supreme.  

The development team is actively rolling out updates to improve the user experience and any other bugs the users may be facing. Recently, the team launched a new update, Velox 5.0. The new update has also incorporated YeezySupply as well as some new cool features in the bot. Velox is available for both IOS and Windows, and the bot also has a hybrid mode that is compatible with browsers. The User Interface is something Velox has been lauded for as it is extremely simple but, at the same time, very pleasing to the eye. The analytics page provides users with clear-cut statistics of their purchases and is anything but complex. 

However, the Velox bot has had a few hurdles with UK Supreme as the UK’s anti-bot protocol is quite different from that of the US. Moreover, the bot is very hard to find in the retail market. Even though it retails for $150, Velox can be bought for around $1,000-$1500 in the resale market. However, the bot has a good resale value, so it will not be a bad investment if you ever decide to sell it. 

MEKpreme, still a good Supreme bot

steady soles cook group

MEKpreme stands in second place on our list. The bot has been specifically designed for Supreme’s website. The features are specifically catered to give a high success rate on Supreme, and it has been doing that. MEKpreme has been giving consistent, successful results to its users. 

The bot comes with four distinct modes that can be used on Supreme, namely: BrowserSafe, BrowserNormal, Super, and API. The bot team often informs users about which mode to be used for a particular drop. MEKpreme has a different configuration for restocking and release to accommodate each effectively. Some other features of the bot include Pooky or ticket bypass, captcha bypass AYCD auto solve, and some other standard features. 

MEKpreme is available in the resale market for around $1500-$2000, although it retails for just around $200. The bot’s resale price is on the rise and can go as high as $3000 in the near future. The resale value is indicative of the success of the bot. Although it is hard to get your hands on the bot in the retail market, it is weekly restocked when there is an active Supreme drop season.

Cybersole, not just an AIO bot

steady soles cook group

Cybersole is one of the top-tier bots in the sneaking industry. It is generally known for its overall performance on the various websites it supports, including Supreme. If you are looking for a good bot that works well on Supreme and other sites, then this is your bot for you. 

The bot supports sites like Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, Mesh, and a few others. It is available for Windows, IOS as well as a mobile application. The bot is extremely efficient and can handle unlimited tasks. Cybersole has Captcha solver, proxy support, and account and billing management. 

Being a top-tier bot, the price tag of this bot is not for the faint of heart. Cybersole retails for around $300, but it is not available for retail, and you can count yourself in the extremely lucky few if you are able to get Cybersole in the retail market. Cybersole is available for around $6,000 in the resale market. However, we are positive the bot will return your investment with a few good cops.


jupiter notify cook group

This AIO bot is a high-end sneaker copping bot. Kodai AIO operates on Supreme, Shopify, Addidas, and Footsites. Kodai allows users to customize their features for more efficient use. Kodai has also been dubbed “The Untamable” because of its reputation in the market. The bot developers are regarded as hard-working and as one of the best teams in the market. The bot supports multiple tasks and is lightning fast. 

The price of this bot is similar to that of Cybersole. It retails for $175 with monthly renewal charges, but due to unavailability, users have to resort to the resale market, where the average cost of the bot is $4000 but can go as up as $6000.

Project Destroyer

jupiter notify cook group

Last but not least, Project Destroyer may be the last name on our list, but it is no less. The bot has been aptly named because it is known to completely destroy sites. The all-in-one bot supports a variety of sites – over 200 – and has an excellent success rate on Supreme. Along with some standard features like analytics and task dashboard, the bot also has some innovative features like accounts group and proxies. Users also rave about the “waterfall monitor” of the bot. 

The developers review the bot after every bot to help it keep up with the market needs and innovations. The support team has also been regarded as unparalleled. The bot retails for $200, but due to unavailability, it can be bought off the resale market for around $1500. This bot will not disappoint, as the users actively like to remind us on social media. 

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