How does sneaker bot work? Our recommandations

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March 29, 2021

If you are a beginner, you are in the right place. Even if you are not a beginner, don’t worry; you are still in the right place. This guide will detail the working of sneaker bots and things you should know before getting started. We will also delve a little into other essential information, which as a beginner, you may not be aware of, but you definitely should be.

Why do we need sneaker bots?

It is simple economics, the market forces of demand and supply. Famous sneakers brands like Nike, Adidas and the likes control their demand by restricting the supply of sneakers. Most of the sneakers launched are very limited in number, and it is extremely hard to get a single pair, let alone multiple pairs. People have to wait in long queues for in-store purchases and still may not get to buy a pair. 


For online purchases, during increased traffic, after you add a sneaker to the cart, you will be redirected to a queue which is something you absolutely do not want. A lot of sneaker brands use the Shopify website, and you can find sneaker bots specifically for Shopify. 

If you are buying in-store, there obviously isn’t anything you can do other than waiting; however, you can cheat while buying online through sneaker bots. Although using a sneaker bot is not exactly cheating, there is an ongoing ethical dilemma around the usage. Do not worry; there are no legal ramifications for using a sneaker bot as it is a recent advent. Although in the US other forms of botting have been penalized, sneaker bots operate in the grey. 


By using sneaker bots, you can try to buy not one but multiple pairs of hyped-up sneakers. And as the resale market of limited-edition sneakers is huge, you can earn a handsome amount by selling your pairs for resale. This is why we need sneaker bots.

How does sneaker bot work?

In the simplest terms, a sneaker bot is software that automates the process of checking out a pair of sneaker. Through complex code and revere engineering, a sneaker bot gains access to the stock of the website. An important feature of sneaker bots is to mimic human behaviour to avoid detection by websites.

Bots work through step by step tasks set in motion to complete the job. One task would be one checkout. So, the more shoes you want to check out, the more tasks you have to create for your bot. You will find a task creation menu on your bot. In the task creation menu, you can find the stores the bot supports and select your preference. After selecting the store, you will have to fill out a few other options like size, keywords, account and profile etc. Once you have successfully created a task, your job is done. All you have to do is press start on the task, and the sneaker bot will automatically check out the pair of sneakers in a matter of seconds. The whole point of sneaker bots is to give you speed so that you can cop as many sneakers as possible before the store runs out of them. Most bots come with a lot of features that can help you get ahead in the game.

There are also a few other essentials that you should know about, like a good system that will ensure your optimal bot’s performance. As websites will not allow one person to checkout multiple pairs, you will also need different profiles with addresses, contact information and billing information. You can also find these accounts for sale over the internet, but they can be costly. Lastly, proxies are essential for sneaker botting. Proxies mask the IP address of your system and give you a different IP. This conceals your identity, and each time your bot visits the website, the website will register you as a new customer rather than the same one.

Selecting a sneaker bot

The first step is to select a bot. The sneaker bot market is swamped with bots, each offering its distinct features and functionalities. There are primarily two kinds of bots: All in One (AIO) and bots for specific websites. For example, Nike being such an established brand, has many sneaker bots that work just on Nike’s SNKRS. All in One bot support multiple websites, and as a beginner, this is what you should go for. You do not want to restrict yourself to just one website. You can also try renting bots initially instead of purchasing them right away as renting would be more economical, and you can also decide which bot you like. Once you have decided on your bot, buy, download and set it up.

How to find out about drops?

The sneaker bot community on Twitter is huge, and you will find multiple accounts solely dedicated to spreading information about sneaker bots or sneaker drops. Most sneaker bots also have their official accounts on Twitter, and usually, their feed is filled with retweets of successes, but they are active on Twitter and restocks and drops news can also be found there. There are also Reddit communities and cook groups on Discord where you will find valuable information. The key to sneaker botting is to stay very active. Make social media accounts if you don’t already have them and follow sneaker brands, expert sneakerheads, sneaker bots and communities. Information is worth money, and you need to stay updated to stay ahead.

How much does a bot cost?

Bot developers use restricting supply as a gimmick to increase their bots value, while sometimes it is just not feasible to meet all the sneaker bot’s demand. So, sneaker bots are almost always out of supply, especially the good ones. This leads to the sneaker bot reselling market. Flipping sneakers is profitable, but flipping bots can be even more profitable. Good sneaker bots can cost around $200-$400 in the retail market, but since they are never available for retail and the demand is very high because of their performance, they can get sold for as high as $4,000-$7,000 in the retail market. Top-tier bots like Cyber and Eve are valued at around $7,000 if not more, and experts suggest that their value is only going to rise in the foreseeable future.

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