How much does a good sneaker bot cost and what price should you pay?

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January 13, 2021

A little less than a decade ago, bots did not exist, at least not in the retail industry. Until a few years ago most of us would not have known what sneaker is botting, but recently the sneaker botting market has taken the world by storm. And for a good reason, sneakerheads were sick and tired of long hours to wait for their favorite pair of sneakers only to find out it has been sold already.

It all started with sneakerheads. Sneaker enthusiasts, called sneakerheads, have reported an exorbitant amount of profits by reselling hyped sneakers. These sneakerheads have the adjective “crazy” attached to their name. The sneaker market has become very competitive, and all the big names in the market fuel this competitiveness and craze by launching limited-edition sneakers every once in a while. 

There are two types of crazy sneaker enthusiasts in the market: The first one is in the game purely because of their love for sneakers and the second one is in the game because of their love for money. Hyped-up sneakers are sold for ungodly amounts in the resale market. 

To facilitate this craze, demand arises for the utilization of the existing technology to create a product that will serve this segment of the people. This led to the advent of sneaker copping bots. This advent is fairly new, so much so that it is a hot debate in the legal scene about whether it should be legal or not. 

Countries like the US have banned botting in the ticket industry but are still indecisive about the sneaker and other retail markets. Whereas the ethical aspect is concerned, it falls in the grey — a dilemma for thinkers.

What really is a sneaker bot?

This is the easier question. A sneaker bot is software, or rather a collection of software, that facilitates the process of buying a sneaker, and it does it with the speed and accuracy that humans do not possess, which results in the purchase of sneakers in a matter of seconds

How much does sneaker bots cost?

The answer to this question is a tricky one. With so many different kinds and shapes of sneaker bots in the market, it is hard to give one rough estimate of sneaker bots. On average, you can find sneaker bots from anywhere near $50 to $500. That is for retail of course. On the secondary market price can go as high as $6000 and expected to go higher.

But this would still not be an “accurate” rough estimate. The reason for this is that the good-performing bots are so hyped up they go out of stock in mere seconds. And secondly, bot developers do not easily restock. So, you would be lucky if you get your hands on a good bot in the retail market. Of course, there are some good bots in the market that are available for retail, like Nike Shoe bots, but those can be considered exceptions. 

How does one buy a good bot, you may ask? The resale market. It is not just the sneaker resale market that is blowing up; the sneaker bot resale market is too. 

However, there is a huge risk involved with buying sneaker bots off the resale market, as you can be highly susceptible to scams. Moreover, sneaker bots have their values inflated to sky-high levels. A bot that costs $300 can cost a couple of thousand dollars in the resale market. 

How to buy sneaker bots in the resale market?

The first option is to resort to online marketplaces like Botbroker and BotMart. These marketplaces are like any other e-commerce marketplace for resale. While there are market places for bot rentals just to try for a single lot or to learn about sneaker botting, these resale marketplaces are for the professionals.

They connect buyers and sellers of sneaker bots. These websites can be your safest bet when it comes to buying sneaker bots off the resale market. They guarantee safety. Sellers are properly verified before they can put up their bot on the website. 

The transaction does not take place between the buyer and the seller but through intermediaries or middlemen. The middlemen ensure that both the buyer and the seller are legit, and only then do they facilitate the transaction. However, these websites are not completely safe either. There is still a good chance of being scammed, even if minimized. Users have been scammed by middlemen in transactions as well. 

Another option for buying bots through resale is online communities. Twitter and Reddit have communities dedicated to sneaker bots. You will find all types of people in these communities, experts, scammers, and whatnot. As a beginner, or even as an expert, it is always a good idea to join these online communities as they are a learning source for sneakerheads. A lot of people take it to Twitter or Reddit to buy or sell bots. 

You can find a thread for almost every bot on Twitter and Reddit. But we do not recommend this, especially if you are a beginner. You can be scammed very easily while buying or selling. There are no checks and balances in these societies and no one to hold scammer accountable, so these communities also tend to become a hotspot for scammers who prey on vulnerable botters. 

You can also buy bots through resale by someone that you trust. That can be the most secure way of buying a sneaker bot in the resale market, provided that the person you trust is, in fact, trustworthy. 

Our Word

Lastly, if these options do not appeal to you, then you can rent a bot. Sneaker bots are available on popular renting sites like Easy Rentals. People can sign up for renting out their bots, and those who require the bot can rent them out anywhere from 24 hours to up to 6 months. 

This is a good option for beginners who just want to try sneaker botting first and then decide if it is for them. You can find good bots at cheap weekly rates, and the longer time period you rent the bot for, the cheaper it will be.

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