What is a sneaker monitor and how much should you pay for it?

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February 2, 2021

The sneaker resale industry is huge as top-tier brands like Nike and Adidas launch sneakers worth hundreds of dollars. Since most of these limited-edition sneakers are in short supply, sneaker enthusiasts go crazy over them—the value doubles and triples – if not more – in the resale market.

The advent of sneaker bots has facilitated the rise in the sneaker resale industry. Sneaker bots are, in simple terms, task automation software. This software enables users to cop up a good number of sneakers in a short time without having to manually do much.

The sneaker botting industry is highly competitive as the sneaker resale business can earn you high bucks. Sneakerheads are always looking into sneaker botting essentials and non-essentials to stay on top of their game. If you are new to sneaker botting, read on as we delve into the sneaker monitors’ depth and their importance for sneaker botting.

What is a sneaker monitor? Can I use it for restocks?

Sneaker monitors are basically notification systems. It sends alerts to users about sneaker drops, releases, restocks, and news. These monitors come equipped with loads of information about sneaker botting, trips and tricks of the trade, and so much more. 

However, sneaker monitors can be considered homogenous. They are not as differentiated because of the functionalities, and hence, the difference from one to another sneaker monitor is usually very minor.


The first step is to download the sneaker monitor. Once you have done that, set up the monitor by logging in or creating an account and adding it as an extension to your browser. Before buying a sneaker monitor, do check which browsers are supported by it. Once your monitor is all set up now, you can add your favorite sneaker websites to the watch list. You can choose the monitor to get an overview of the website without looking for anything in particular.


If you want a particular pair of sneakers, you can utilize the keyword option on the monitor. Through the keyword option, you can enter your sneaker’s name, and you will be alerted once there are any changes. If the monitor tracks any changes in the website, it will send alerts to you. You can also select how you want the monitor to check your website. The monitor will automatically keep refreshing your website and will be on the lookout for updates. However, you may get your email spammed with unnecessary alerts, but you would have to make do with that.

Why is a sneaker monitor important?

As hyped-up sneakers are dropped, they are extremely limited in supply, and the demand is crazy, which makes it very hard to actually get your hands on a pair of a limited edition. Sneaker bots solve one part of the equation. Bots automate the process of buying a pair of a sneaker, but there is more to it. As sneakerheads compete in the market where time is not their friend, they have to stay updated. Information is equated to money in the sneaker botting market. So, without information or knowledge about sneaker drops and releases, a sneaker bot would be virtually useless.

This is why sneaker monitors are so important because they give users the power of knowledge. As a sneakerhead, you have to stay one step ahead of the rest of the market if you want to be successful at sneaker copping, and a sneaker monitor is definitely going to aid you in your success.

What are some of the top sneaker monitors, and how much do they cost?

In the highly competitive sneaker botting industry, where bots are sold for as high as thousands of dollars, you do not need to spend a lot on sneaker monitors. Sneaker monitors are relatively simple systems and do not cost a lot. One of the top sneaker monitors, “Notifymeus,” sells for $10. This sneaker monitor is really efficient, and you are most likely increasing your chances of success with it.

The price should also give you an idea of how much to spend or not to spend on sneaker monitors. Another good sneaker monitor is Distill Web Monitor. Distill Web Monitor is very easy to use and makes the whole process of monitoring very easy. You would need to do some research of your own to choose which sneaker monitor would work best for you even though they are not majorly differentiated.

Where to find a sneaker monitor?

The Discord community is very popular for sneaker botting. Almost all of the sneaker bots come with their discord community access, which is usually given to registered users only. Developers utilize the discord community to keep their users up to date with the bot, and the support team offers 24/7 help on the server. There are also plenty of other unofficial discord communities – so to speak – much like Twitter and Reddit.

As a sneaker botter, you must be a part of these online communities as they are crucial. You can find all kinds of updates and information about bots as well as hyped-up sneaker drops. Moreover, transactions of bots also take place in these communities. They act more like a marketplace – minus the checks and balances, hence, greater the risk.

If you are looking for a sneaker monitor, then you would be disappointed to know that there are not any official websites where you can buy them. Instead, you have to rely on Discord. Most cook groups offer sneaker monitors over Discord. So, stay connected and updated if you are looking to buy a sneaker monitor.

However, transacting through online communities poses scamming risks. Since the industry is so competitive, it is also a hotspot for scammers. Scammers especially prey on beginners are they are not much aware of the know-how of sneaker botting; they can be easily scammed. No matter how trusted your sneaker monitor seller is, always take precautions and do not reveal any sensitive information to anyone – rule number one of the internet.

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