Is BotMart a safe and legit sneaker bot trading place?

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October 27, 2020

The world of sneakers and bots may not be a mainstream concept. But for those who take out time to sit in front of their computer anticipating the latest sale often get to the conclusion that without a trusted and legitimate bot service, it is up to sheer luck to secure a pair of the latest collectible sneakers.

Die-hard sneaker lovers now know that they are left with two options now. Either they buy their favorite sneaker in a secondary marketplace or use a bot to get it done, the fast and easy way. This is where bot trading services such as BotMart come into action.

What Is Botmart?

BotMart is one of the largest sneaker bot trading services on Discord and recently on the web as well. Since the bot trading industry is somewhere in the grey area since the beginning, there is little to no information readily available about these services on the internet.

The community boasts over 100,000 members, while at any given moment, you would find about 20 to 25 percent of them online. That is about 20 – 25 percent in this case.

Being one of the largest sneaker trading services, BotMart is just as well organized as any professional service such as CraigsList.

The service is divided into a well-organized channel that allows you to quickly browse through different areas as welcome information that also includes a scam prevention channel, announcements, important messages, social media messages, public offers, and various other.

The partners’ area list the official Botmart safe bot trading partners that include major bot services such as groubbuys, kilo-plus, cookpass, swiftsole, aycd, the bot bible, deadsuite, and others. There is a live auction area where you can check all the auctions currently in progress and how to place your bids. 

Channels also have sneaker AIO bot areas dedicated to the respective bots, including; Adopt, AYCD, Backdoor, Balko, Burst IO, Cyber, Deadsuite, Dragon AIO, Estock, Eve, F3, Flare, Fleek, and others. Almost all major bot services are available on the channel list for users in a very well organized and moderated service.

Is Botmart Legit?

Coming to the legitimacy of BotMart service, the scam prevention channel is there to help newbies read up on the basics and be on guard right from the start. To keep the Botmart community safe and legit, the channel focuses on how to identify fake moderators, fake tickets impersonating BotMart staff tickets, and fake Paypal email addresses.

Once you sign up, you can easily find the scam prevention tab under the welcome channels group. 

This group of channels is a must-read if you are a sneakers lover and newbie in the bot trading world looking to get your hands on a few of your favorite sneakers.Besides the apparent efforts, there is more to answer questions such as, is Botmart safe? Is Botmart legit?

The service is run and operated by a group of people, and despite hovering under the radar for obvious reasons, the trading service is very well organized. The members’ channels include a chat channel to interact with other members with your questions and queries.

In addition, a support area where you can find ample support from staffers dedicated to keeping Botmart safe and some community members. Success stories channel to help you see past transactions and, last but not least, the report-a-scammer channel that allows the staff to keep the Botmart community neat and clean.

When it comes to the legitimacy concerns is the fact that BotMart operates as a service on Discord, and the better and safer the services higher the yields and lifespan.

Botmart Safe Trading Through Middleman Service?

This is perhaps the final nail in the coffin to put all your safety concerns to rest. The BotMart middleman service acts more like an escrow service to help users find authentic deals for their needs and help curb scam within the community.

Of course, the guaranteed service comes with some terms and conditions like any other platform. You can buy different sneaker bots and memberships through the middleman services; however, the services reserves the right to reject authentication of any certain deal. 

The middleman services come recommended by the BotMart service, with a non-liability disclaimer if deals are made without the middleman service.

The disclaimer furthers that the middleman service verifies the authenticity and verification of software license and would not be responsible for recovering keys if deals are made without the middleman. So far, the service claims to have completed over 35,000 transactions, which is about 35 percent of BotMart service user base.

When it comes to fees, middleman is rather cheap. A $10 fee is charged for transactions up to $499, $15 is charged for transactions up to $1499, and $20 is charged for transactions above $1500. While the trade service costs about $20.

For the small amount of fees the Botmart safe and secure middleman service charges, it is certainly worth going through the official channels than to risk your money without it.

Final Words

A lot of questions and concerns that rise against the BotMart trading service and various other such services are rooted in the very nature of this industry. The industry operates in the grey area, where it is entirely legal to use a bot while the big brands such as Nike, Adidas, and others also try to prevent the use, or at least pretend to, through security measures. The rationale here is to maintain the demand and supply momentum allowing one user per purchase.

On the other hand, bot trading services were incepted to cover various different loopholes such as store employees using their connections to get their hands on these sneakers before a regular customer. Thus leading to an even-out the competition strategy through secondary markets and bots. Bot trading services are now a legal area of the overall industry, and Botmart is one of the leading safe trading places for professional sneaker coppers and newbies alike. Happy trading, folks!

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