How to get a sneaker bot? Here are the safest ways

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February 2, 2021

The sneaker resale market is a very lucrative industry. It has especially gained a lot of popularity in recent times. As top-tier sneaker brands like Nike, Adidas, and the likes often launch limited-edition sneakers that are usually in collaboration with top musicians or athletes, etc. These sneakers hold a lot of value. Sneakerheads, people that are absolutely crazy about sneakers, even wait in day-long queues to get their hands on a limited-edition pair of sneakers. 

Sneakerheads are also ready to go through great lengths for their favorite sneakers and are ready to pay a good amount. This has led to the rise of the sneaker botting industry. 

Sneaker bots enable users to cop a number of sneakers that are not humanly possible. Sneakerheads resort to these bots to buy hyped-up sneakers. The bots have also made the sneaker resale market accessible, and the bots are a favorite of sneaker resellers too. 

Now, such a lucrative industry – the sneaker botting one – is bound to high a very high level of competition. Resellers and sneakerheads flock to popular bots in order to cop as many sneakers as they can. The high demand for sneaker bots has led to a shortage of bots, especially well-performing ones. 

If you are a sneaker enthusiast and are looking for ways to get your hand on a good bot, you are in luck because we have compiled a list of ways how you can buy a sneaker bot.

How to get a sneaker bot?

The most obvious way to buy a sneaker bot is, obviously, from the official website or Twitter page of the bot. The whole discussion of the increased demand for sneaker bots has led us to this: bots are not usually available for retail. Bot developers also control the supply of bots in order to drive up their value. But even if developers don’t control the supply, it is simply not feasible to meet the demand of the market because of the sheer number. 

This is the safest and easiest way of buying a bot, if possible. Good bots that are in demand usually sell out in a matter of minutes, so you have to stay extra vigilant if you want a chance to buy your favorite bot off of retail. Developers do restock, some more often than others, so keep an eye on Twitter pages and their websites for restocking alerts. 

Bots are mostly priced fairly on retail so consider yourself lucky if you are able to buy a bot on retail. Not all bots are unavailable on retail, and some developers go the extra mile to ensure that their bot is always in stock – as a means of a unique competitive advantage over other bots. Granted, that is uncommon. The unavailability of bots on the retail market is oftentimes a turn-off, especially for beginners, as it makes navigating through the tricky market of sneaker botting all the trickier. But worry not, a little research and some safety measures, and you would be safe in the resale market. 

The second option is to use bot market places. Like any e-commerce site, these bot marketplaces help accommodate the buyers and sellers of bots. They provide a safe environment and take as many measures as they can to help ensure the risk of scams is minimized. This is your second safest option of buying a bot. 

Some of the top marketplaces are Tidal, BotMart and BotBroker. These websites try to go the extra mile to ensure safe transactions and use middlemen that facilitate the transactions. Middlemen validate the identities of both the buyer and seller and also try to make sure that the bot being sold is genuine. 

However, a word of caution, bot marketplaces are definitely not as safe, and you will hear stories of scams very often. You have to take extra precautions while dealing with sellers on marketplaces, and even then, safety is not 100% guaranteed. The middlemen used by bot marketplaces can also rob you of your money, so tread very carefully. 

Another way of buying a bot is to buy it from someone you know and trust. As a botter, you will, most likely, be surrounded by people like you. And if you get a chance to buy a bot from a trusted friend, then go for it, but only if you are sure they are 100% trustworthy.

Bot developers like to keep their customers happy, so giveaways are very common in the bot market. Developers are often arranging giveaways of their bots as a way to entice the market and increase their customer base. Make sure to follow developers on Twitter and any other social media platform they are active on and check the pages to not miss any giveaways. Turn on alerts, and you may get lucky and land a free bot!

There are constantly new bots being launched in the market as everyone tries to reach the top of the market. These new bots require beta testers who run the bot and help the development team figure out any bugs and issues the bot might have. Keep an eye open on Reddit and other botting communities where bot developers post whenever they need beta testers.

The sneaker botting communities on Reddit and Twitter are also quite famous. You can come across sellers and buyers on these online platforms. But we would rate these communities as the least safe of all because there are no checks and balances. Your susceptibility to scams will be highest as a beginner, so before you make any decision and decide to trust anyone, be absolutely sure and prepare yourself for a chance of loss as well.

In the end, don’t shy away from sneaker botting just because of the risk of being scammed. This is life, and you would always have to take risks to achieve more; the higher the risk, the greater the reward. Set your head straight, take precautions, and don’t be impulsive; you will do just fine.

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