Why are oculus proxies so popular for sneaker botting?

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August 2, 2021

When it comes to sneaker botting, the quality of your proxies is directly proportional to the quality of your burn. The better the proxies you are using, the higher the number of sneaker pairs you are going to score. To measure the quality of your proxies, you need to consider several factors, including speed, reliability, authenticity, and more.

It is no secret that the botting industry plays in the grey area between ethics and legal frameworks. Proxies are the core that enables this practice where users pretend to be connecting from various different locations using these “proxy” addresses.

On the internet, a single proxy means a single computer and sneaker bots take hundreds of proxies to get hold of the desired pair of sneakers or take a jab at the latest sale using these proxies. Proxy providers allow you to connect to a website using their proxy network, impersonating as different people accessing the website at the same time. The only difference is that all the proxies are operated by a single computer.

Over the years, the sneaker botting industry has become a billion-dollar sub-industry within the sneakers industry that is dependent on the use of proxies to make all the purchases and sales. Among the most prestigious proxy providers, a name often stands out, i.e. Oculus proxies. Let’s take a look at why the oculus proxies are considered so rich and ripe for the sneak botting industry.

Why are Oculus proxies so popular?

If you are an internet user who is looking to bypass your regional ban on a specific website, the first thing that comes to your mind using a proxy the first thing that pops to your mind is the speed factor. Is the proxy going to slow down your connection to the website?


Sneaker botting proxies are no different. Oculus proxies boast lightning-fast speeds with great zeal. The Oculus dedicated servers provide a 100 gigabytes per second (GBPS) speed with each proxy that you are using. Understanding the nature of your competition, Oculus proxies are specially designed to perform under heavy traffic and provide fast results.
User Control

The IP authentication method allows full user control over the proxies and not to mention the three available locations, i.e. New York (NY), Virginia (VA) and Chicago (CO). Users can take a single package for a single location or buy the full package to avail all three locations and change their proxy location server with ease in a matter of clicks and checks.


The reliability factor is often the real pain in the neck. Oculus proxies is a dedicated proxies provider that aims for thorough customer satisfaction when it comes to the reliability factor. The idea is to provide top-notch services to ensure their own place in the sneaker betting industry, and it makes sense that they are so popular. Oculus proxies boast 0 percent downtime for their monthly proxies and monitoring to ensure uninterrupted services.


Discord is the go-to place in the sneaker betting industry and covering that ground, and Oculus has a dedicated Discord Support that allows you to punch through any issues you face while using their proxy services. The system follows the state of the art practices with ticketing and managed replies from the dedicated support team. The support team ensures that any issues that users meet are dealt with swiftly to ensure the boasted thorough customer support.


Pricing always matters when it comes to the success of a service, and Oculus has paid special attention into crafting its pricing plans. Users can opt between data centre internet service provider (ISP) proxies, premium quality ISP proxies or residential proxies. The data centre ISP proxies come with weekly, monthly, two month and three-month plans for all three locations. The premium data centre ISP also comes in the same duration packages. While the residential packages are all valid for a month. You can get an ISP grade proxy as low as $2, and given the data amount and quality, that sounds like a steal.


As already mentioned, Oculus ISP grade proxies are available from three states, NY, VA and CO, while the residential proxies are available from various locations in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The residential proxies originate from different residential areas of the country through the Oculus proxy network enabling the sneaker bot to impersonate tens, hundreds or even thousands of users at the same time while operating from a single computer.

Our Word

We said at the start that your sneaker botting experience is only as good as your proxies are, and Oculu proxies are popular because they provide the value they promise for your hard money. Finding a better deal must be hard, if not completely out of the question.

Best Priced Resi Proxies In The Game

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