What are the safest sites for a Mekpreme bot rental?

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March 15, 2021

The sneaker botting industry is thriving and the MEKpreme is one of the best sneaker bots in the market. It has stayed consistent in its performance. MEKpreme is a Supreme bot and is known to completely destroy Supreme.

The bot comes with four distinct modes, namely BrowserSafe, BrowserNormal, API and Super. The features of MEKpreme bots are curated to equip the bot for a Supreme drop. Features like restock/release options, poky or ticket bypass, and the multiple bot modes ensure that users cop as many sneakers as possible. MEKpreme is a great bot, and it retails for $168, but, unfortunately, it is not available for retail. The resale value of the bot is over $1,500. We suggest rather than purchasing the bot, go for renting it.

Why should you rent the MEKpreme bot?

bot best buy
Renting a bot is always a good option, if not the best option. One of the reasons why sneaker botting intimidates people is because of its high initial capital requirements. Buying a bot, proxies, fixing a good system, and buying accounts require a good amount of investment capital to kick start your sneaker botting journey.

Another huge con is the availability of sneaker bots. Mots sneaker bots, especially the well-performing ones, are never available in the retail market. Developers either use these gimmicks to drive up the demand for the bot, or the demand is so high – which is a frequent case – that developers cannot facilitate it. Good bots often sale out in a matter of minutes whenever they do get restocked for retail. This leaves the option of buying a sneaker bot through resale, but, unfortunately, the resale market is ugly—sneaker bots sale for as much as ten times their retail value, if not more.

For example, top tier bots that cost around $200 to $300 in retail usually cost over $6,000. But the price is not the only problem with the resale market. Knowing the high capital involvement in the market, it has become a hotspot for scammers. Buying a bot is never 100% safe, especially with the constant possibility of being robbed of your money and/or bot.

There are online sneaker bot marketplaces that take measures to ensure safety and security, but scammers can get through anything. These websites use middlemen to facilitate transactions, and scammers can get access to pose as middlemen and scam unsuspecting users.

That being said, renting a bot tackles both the major issues of the resale market. You are not required to invest a huge sum of capital while starting out as a sneaker botter if you are renting a bot rather than buying it. Rental websites give you a wide choice of the rental time period you want for the bot of your choice, from a few days to anywhere near a whole year. This saves you a lot of costs, and you get to cop sneakers at a fraction of the cost of a good sneaker bot. Secondly, you can easily find good bots on rental sites. Unlike the retail and resale market, where the supply is a big issue, rentals do not face the same issue as there is no purchase or sale. Hence, most of the time, you can also come across very rare supply top tier bots.

Lastly, we all value our possessions, and none of us wants to lose the least of all to a scammer. You have the least chances of being scammed while renting out a sneaker bot as the transaction is done through an established website – provided that you choose a trusted website.

What are the best sneaker bot renting websites?

The market is filled with sneaker bot rental websites because of how appealing an alternative renting sneaker bot is. But just because the risks are minimized while renting a bot, it does not mean that you should let your guard down. There are not-so-worthy websites out there that can rob you out of every single penny you own.

Easy Rentals

Our top pick for the best sneaker bot renting websites is Easy Rentals. As the name suggests, renting out a bot has never been this easy. In a few completely hassle-free steps, you will have your own rented bot. First of all, login or create an account, then select your bot, pay and you voila! You are done. You will receive the credentials of the bot, and you can start botting immediately.

Easy Rentals also has one of the most extensive sneaker bot collection available for rent. You will find top-tier bots and good bots, average bots and pretty much anything that you would ever need. The website is one of the most trusted names, and if you want to rent a bot or rent out your bot, then this is the website to go for. Easy Rentals has a Mekpreme bot available for $50 a week.

Tidal Rentals

Tidal Rentals is another trusted name in the market. They have been in the game for a while and has a good user base. Tidal Rentals have good reviews and strive to provide their customers with the best experience while renting out bots. Tidal Rentals also try to keep their available bot’s collection as extensive as possible, which is why they update their lists every day. The website also holds regular sales where they slash the prices of all rentals. Currently, there is a sale going on too. Mekpreme bot is available at Tidal Rentals for $49.9 a week.

Pookyy Rentals

Another good website to rent bots from. MEKpreme bot is available for $10 per day at Pookyy Rentals. The website also offers proxies and accounts. It is a legit and safe website. Pookyy Rentals also provide one to one guidance for their customers, and all of the bots come with guides and any other information you may need. The website also aims to become the one-stop-shop for all sneaker enthusiasts by providing services and products they may need throughout their botting journey.

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