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Transforming company wide communication

How Ennismore are using Workplace and bots to transform internal communication and collaboration.

Key stats and facts

500,000 bot interactions by staff each month

30+ bots developed

93% of Ennismore staff use 2+ bots a month

The challenge

Established in 2011, Ennismore is a global hospitality group with properties across the UK, Europe and the United States. Their portfolio includes restaurants, hotels and shared workspaces that include The Hoxton, Gleneagles and Working From_.

Ennismore are using Workplace to connect their office based and frontline staff around the world and were looking for a platform they could use to easily build and launch bots without the need for internal tech resources or external development agencies. Using The Bot Platform, they’ve been able to launch a breadth of bots helping to increase workforce engagement, collaboration and productivity.

The solutions

Using The Bot Platform, Ennismore have built a suite of tools that improve all areas of the employee experience, from staff training or participation in company programs, to company culture and operational efficiencies.

Click below to explore some of the solutions Ennismore have built using The Bot Platform

Business impact

Using The Bot Platform Ennismore have been able to easily build and deploy over 30 bots for the 1800 staff around the world. They’ve digitized previously offline processes and automated previously manual and time consuming activities.

Bots receive over 500,000 monthly interactions with 93% of Ennismore staff using at least 2 bots each month. Bots have also contributed towards Ennismore’s high Workplace activation rate of 98% by integrating more tools and systems into their central communication channel.

Here's what Marcos had to say

Marcos Eleftheriou

With bots, you can create your own tools and features and really personalize the experience your staff are having. Bots allow you to make Workplace yours.

Marcos Eleftheriou
VP of Culture and Internal Comms

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