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Honest Burgers

Implementing bots for training, internal communication, and beyond

How Honest Burgers have leveraged Workplace and The Bot Platform to create a suite of automated tools.

Key stats and facts

15.6x positive ROI achieved within the first year

100% completion rate on compliance training

73% engagement rate from staff on Honest Ops

The challenge

Honest Burgers started as a small restaurant in London and has since grown into a national group of more than 40 restaurants across the UK. Honest Burgers use Workplace from Meta to keep their 1000+ staff connected, whether they be working from an office or a restaurant. What they wanted was an easy way to integrate as many services and applications as possible into Workplace to ensure their staff had easy and seamless access to the tools they needed to perform their jobs to their best abilities.

Using The Bot Platform they have also been able to make the most of Workplace’s automation capabilities by building a suite of automated tools that help their staff work in smarter, faster and more efficient ways. From personalized learning programs through to crisis response tools, staff surveys, important news and broadcasts, or company events applications, Honest Burgers have been able to build whatever tools they need using The Bot Platform without relying on internal developers or external agencies.

The solutions

Using The Bot Platform Honest Burgers have been able to create a suite of tools to help their restaurant staff and HQ Team connect, operate and work more effectively.

Click below to explore some of the solutions Honest Burgers have built using The Bot Platform

Business impact

Arguably the biggest impact Honest Burgers saw from using bots on Workplace was the ability to stay agile and create the tools they needed to communicate and operate effectively during the pandemic. Alongside COVID-19 communication and operations, Honest Burgers has seen improved internal processes, enhanced collaboration between office staff and frontline workers, and improved their learning and development system.

Honest Collaborator has resulted in cost savings and efficiencies with event communication and ticket management, while Honest College resulted in a 100% compliance completion rate that allowed them to successfully reopen restaurants in just six days – a goal that had never been achieved through traditional e-learning. They have built over 50 bots spanning a range of use cases, see a 73% engagement rate from staff and generated a 15.6X positive ROI in their first year of using The Bot Platform.

Here's what Dub had to say

Dub Lee

We don’t want any other tools for our frontline teams to use. We want to make sure that as a frontline person as a waiter or a chef at Honest, you do not need to log into any other systems, you can do everything you need to do to do your job amazingly on Workplace.

Dub Lee
Learning Architect, Honest Burgers

Dub Lee

This entire pandemic would be over before we would have been able to talk to every staff member if we didn't have bots. You guys were the thing to hold our communication together and this wouldn't have been possible without TBP. I can't think of how many valuable people we might have lost.

Dub Lee
Learning Architect, Honest Burgers

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