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Automated tools that provide a better Operational experience

Civicus are streamlining operational and procedural processes for a more efficient employee experience.

Key stats and facts

100% improvement in documentation inconsistencies since launching Alfred

Travel “busywork” is vastly reduced

New seamless onboarding process for the Board Members

The challenge

CIVICUS’s Operations Team were looking for ways to consolidate many of their repetitive, time-consuming, manual administrative processes, to help save time and improve the speed and quality control of their operational and procedural processes.

The first challenge was the procurement process around supplier agreements, which currently involved the team manually answering repeated questions and sharing relevant information with employees.

Their second challenge was organising the travel process for employees. They needed an automated process to guide colleagues through the travel process, including policy, essential travel requests, and all documentation and supporting resources.

The third challenge was to find a way to create a centralised resource of company acronyms that any employee could access, whenever they needed it. In non-profit organisations there are so many acronyms used it’s like a new language, which is challenging for newcomers.

Finally, Civicus were looking for ways to ensure new board members were effectively inducted into the uses of the bot and fully equipped with the information they required to successfully carry out their roles.

The solutions

With The Bot Platform, Civicus were able to build bespoke digital and automated solutions, which also easily integrated into the communication channel their staff were already using, Microsoft Teams.

Click below to explore some of the solutions Globe Telecom have built using The Bot Platform

The results

The Bot Platform digital solutions have decreased administrative “busy work” by about half and all basic questions that would have been relayed to the operations team are now first relayed to the Bot.

  • 100% improvement in documentation inconsistencies since launching Alfred. “Alfred the Bot is amazing!”.
  • Travel “busywork” was reduced by half.
  • Many colleagues use Lwazi as a quick easy reference and it provides very valuable guidance, especially for new colleagues.
  • New seamless onboarding process for the Board Members.

Here's what they say

The Bot Platform is easy to use, intuitive, has all the options I’m looking for and integrates with all the products we currently use.

Karen Webber
CIVICUS - Operations Lead

Alfred is incredibly useful because procurement is a headache for any organisation. It’s been met with fantastic feedback. It’s one of the best system changes we’ve implemented this year.

Karen Webber
CIVICUS - Operations Lead

The Bot Platform has enhanced our operational efficiency and has helped with decision-making. I am incredibly impressed by the exceptional support we receive, and I find motivation in witnessing the continuous development and enhancement of the Bot Platform’s features. One notable example is the generation of reports and analytics which provides invaluable insights into user engagement, this helps us to improve on user needs and awareness.

Audrey Mudyanebwa
CIVICUS - Operations Officer

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