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Virgin Media O2

Improving Internal Communications and Streamlining Processes

How one of the world's biggest telecommunication companies are using bots to automate and improve their employee experience.

Key stats and facts

86% adoption and usage within 24 hours

Bots conceptualised, built and launched in less than 5 days

72% increase in usage of their Internal Comms systems

The challenge

Virgin Media O2 wanted to implement bots and digital assistants that would improve all aspects of their employee experience. Their goal was to automate, streamline and improve their internal communication processes for their staff on Workplace from Meta and Microsoft Teams while also deploying solutions that would drive employee engagement, recognition and participation in key company programs and initiatives.

The solutions

Using The Bot Platform, Virgin Media O2 were able to create a breadth of work applications that have had an impressive impact on all levels of their workforce, whilst also streamlining and improving processes.

Click below to explore some of the solutions Virgin Media O2 have built using The Bot Platform

The results

Utilising The Bot Platform, Virgin Media O2 have been able to easily build and launch work applications that have improved employee engagement, streamlined processes and saved staff time and money. The bots and digital assistants have been exceptionally well received across all levels of the company, from frontline staff through to upper management and C-Suite teams.


Since launching there have been over 8700 Shouts submitted by employees at Virgin Media O2 and 36% of all staff have given a colleague a Shout. Each Shout submission is posted to a recognition group on Workplace which has generated over 14,000 reactions and 4200 comments so far.    

Virgin Media O2 also utilised Shout to embed their new all company purpose, ‘See What You Can Do’, which launched in February 2023. Each month during their all-company event, their CEO and the broader Executive team share top shouts with the wider business, recognising employees’ contributions as well as encouraging others to Shout.

Feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive, with staff saying the Recognition Program is “simple, straightforward and easy to use”, “great for instant peer-to-peer recognition” and “good for highlighting company-wide recognition and achievements”.   

All In Bot 

Since Dec 2022, the All In Bot bot has sent over 60,000 messages, which reach around 4,000 people every month with their monthly broadcasts. The bot is also used for DE&I workshop bookings, with over 2,000 people booking successfully through the bot. Virgin Media O2 have also seen huge numbers for other campaigns, such as their DE&I Survey (VIBE) which generated over 3000 visits to their Oracle Cloud systems. The streamlining of these services via the bot has saved the DE&I team 40 hours of time per month.

Salary Bot

Salary Bot received an overwhelming usage from the second it was launched. Over 7,750 employees interacted with the bot in the first 24 hours, with over 85,000 messages exchanged, making it by far the most engaged Virgin Media O2 bot since inception. The company’s CEO Lutz Schüler, and Chief People Officer, Philipp Wohland, praised the Salary Bot integration and highlighted it to the top 700 leaders of the organisation. 

The Salary Bot also contributed to a spectacular 72% increase in Virgin Media O2’s daily active Workplace users, directly improving the momentum and driving engagement of their core internal channel.

These results show that Virgin Media O2’s bots have made a substantial impact on their company culture overall whilst also improving their processes and having a positive effect on the employee experience.

By using The Bot Platform Virgin Media O2 have been able to easily and quickly deploy custom-built solutions that have had a substantial impact on multiple areas of their employee experience, increased staff engagement and participation in key company initiatives and saved their HR, Internal Comms and People teams large amounts of time and money. 

But even better, the bots and digital assistants they have built have been received incredibly well by staff of all seniority levels, including front-line workers and office-based employees, across the entire company.

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