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Supercharging Employee Engagement, Company Culture and Onboarding

How Moneypenny are successfully using bots and digital assistants to help build culture and give back to the community.

Key stats and facts

75% survey response rate within 24 hours

98% staff participation in charitable initiatives

80% more time efficient than previous methods

The challenge

Moneypenny was founded with one goal in mind – to leave their clients and customers smiling after every phone call and to have happy employees who enjoy coming to work each day . They’re renowned for delivering engaged and inspired personal assistants, which comes from their modern approach to human resources.

The company has experienced great growth, which sees them managing over 20 million calls and live chats for thousands of clients per year. It was imperative for them to ensure that they had efficient, digital systems in place to keep their employees highly engaged, build company culture and support their corporate, social responsibility initiatives.

The solutions

Moneypenny has been able to rapidly build and launch digital assistants that allow them to connect with staff in a meaningful, fulfilling and efficient way

Click below to explore some of the solutions Moneypenny have built using The Bot Platform

Moneypenny Testimonal Video

We talk to Hannah Skinner and Sarah Morris from Moneypenny’s People and C-Suite Executive Assistant team about their experience of using The Bot Platform to build a better employee experience.

The Results

Using The Bot Platform, Moneypenny have built over 70 bots that help with a wide range of tasks. Each bot has had a positive impact on staff engagement, program participation and awareness – while also saving their central teams time and money in development costs.

The ease of use of The Bot Platform has allowed Moneypenny’s HR team to quickly and easily build and launch their own technology solutions and integrate them with Workplace from Meta.

  • 58% response rate within the first hour of a staff survey being sent, increasing to 75% of all staff within 24 hours.
  • 98.5% participation rate from staff and over 600 Christmas gifts bought for local underprivileged children using the Charity Toy Drive Bot.
  • 64% of staff used the charity auction bot to place a bid and help raise thousands of pounds for charity – all while taking up 80% less time to organise than previous methods.
  • 75% of all Moneypenny staff had submitted their orders and booked a pick up slot using the Tinsel & Turkey Bot.
  • Momentous May saw 52% of staff engage with the initiative and raised £1,645 for their chosen charities.

Here's what Moneypenny has to say

Emma Davies

“The Bot Platform is simple, easy to understand, really easy to pick up if it’s something you’ve not used before. There are also tonnes of online resources and guides and a chatbot that you can use to get in touch with if you’d like some additional user-support”.

Hannah Williams Skinner
Working Life Manager

“From a user perspective, it’s also really easy and straightforward for our teams. We’ve had really great feedback from people from our first initial bots to our more complex bots that we’re using now. We even have people asking if they can create their own, so it’s great for us and a good gamechanger!”

Sarah Morris
Executive Assistant

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