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Giving every employee a voice in creating new company values

How Dixons Carphone successfully utilised bots on Workplace to involve 24,000 colleagues in defining their new company values.

Key stats and facts

Over 7,000 employees inputted on company values

220,000 messages automatically sent to staff

One new set of corporate values created

The challenge

With a workforce of over 24,000 spread across the UK and multiple sections of the business, Dixons Carphone was finding that its core company values were becoming diluted and lost. The company wanted to redefine their values and find a way to involve all employees in the process; to gather their feedback, input and ideas. They also wanted to maintain the momentum that the project created and find a way to easily communicate with all employees to promote continued awareness and understanding of their new company values.

The solutions

The Bot Platform was able to provide Dixons Carphone with the communication tools needed to gather and collate instant feedback from their employees, which were engaging and easy to use and access.

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Business Impact

Val enabled the Dixons Carphone team to give all employees a voice and give their input into defining a brand new set of company values.

  • The bot sent a total of 222K messages
  • Input from over 7,000 employees
  • Hundreds of hours saved for the team that would have been spent explaining the initiative, running the survey, reminding staff to respond and collating responses.

Dixons Carphone now has one new, unified, set of company core values and beliefs that have been shaped by the employees themselves, which has resulted in them being more widely adopted across the whole network, creating a more unified workforce.

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