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Improving accessibility to HR Policies, People Directories, and Company Announcements

How Clarins UK Group, are using bots on Workplace to increase productivity and better connect with their employees.

Key stats and facts

76% CTR on company news

100% of staff able to access documents and bots

130+ documents searched within seconds

The challenge

With a distributed UK workforce of around 2,000 employees, Clarins UK were looking to build their own automated tools on Workplace to better their information exchange, improve processes and develop better access to documents, whilst at the same time, increase the visibility of important company news and announcements.

Due to a successful launch of Workplace from Meta and high adoption rate amongst employees from early on, James Deren, Internal Communications & Engagement Business Partner at Clarins UK Group, was looking for ways to leverage new tools and features to make their Workplace instance work smarter for everyone, regardless of job function or geographical location.

The solutions

Using The Bot Platform Clarins UK Group are building bespoke bots and digital assistants to allow their staff to work in smarter ways.

Click below to explore some of the solutions Clarins have built using The Bot Platform

Business impact

Using The Bot Platform has enabled Clarins UK Group to take control of building their own automation tools, without needing to rely on 3rd party providers or internal/external developers.

The result is that Clarins UK Group are able to be considerably more agile with their communication. Bots can and have been created quickly and easily to solve key strategic (and ad hoc) communication and productivity challenges being faced by their employees.

Here's what James had to say

James Deren

Using The Bot Platform has significantly improved our ability to exchange information and communicate with our employees – regardless of job function, or geographical location. Employees are more easily able to find and access the documents and resources they need on a day to day basis to help them do their job and be more productive.

James Deren
Internal Communications & Engagement Business Partner

James Deren

Bots have been a game-changer for us, especially as we're all so dispersed working across multiple regions and multiple offices. Being able to create and provide automated tools that inform, educate, and direct our employees to important and relevant information on Workplace in such an agile way is so powerful.

James Deren
Internal Communications & Engagement Business Partner

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