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Citizens Advice

Using bots for onboarding, surveys, event support and communications

How Citizens Advice are using Workplace and bots to change the way people work and be more productive.

Key stats and facts

90% positive feedback from staff

Better and more consistent onboarding

3 hours saved per person per month

The challenge

International non-profit organisation, Citizens Advice, uses Workplace to connect 11,000 employees across 265 countries. They were looking for a way to build tools that would automate manual and repetitive tasks so their staff could spend more time on bigger things, like supporting their communities.

Before implementing bots on Workplace, internal communication and accessibility to information was fractured. Old-school communications tactics were creating roadblocks in day-to-day operations for their staff members and volunteers. Their Workplace Engagement Officer needed a solution to open up the communication pipeline and make content delivery easy, but in a way that still placed emphasis on keeping those conversations personal and helpful.

The solutions

Since adopting The Bot Platform to their Workplace instance, Citizens Advice have created a number of bots that are helping their staff be more productive at work by automating internal processes and content delivery in a variety of ways.

Click below to explore some of the solutions Citizens Advice have built using The Bot Platform

Business impact

Before using The Bot Platform, the Citizens Advice team members were spending lots of time on manual and repetitive tasks. New starters used to spend 30 minutes alone trying to figure out where they should begin on their first day, processes were confusing and there wasn’t a singular place staff could go to access information.

With bots, Citizens Advice are able to automate internal processes and content delivery, which is saving staff huge amounts of time but also being received incredibly well by users, with their first two bots getting over 90% positive feedback. More so, bots are also helping to increase understanding of and engagement with Workplace as an internal communication and collaboration platform at Citizens Advice.

What Pandora has to say

Pandora Longstreth

A massive part of it is changing how people work, what we can do to help them do that, and using bots to change our culture and break down barriers between teams.

Pandora Longstreth
Workplace Engagement Officer

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