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Scaling internal comms, employee recognition and onboarding

How LeadingAgile are using Workplace and bots to automate and scale onboarding, and engage with staff.

Key stats and facts

80 hours of work saved for employees, every month

100% accuracy on information being sent to new starters

60 successfully onboarded employees

The challenge

After spending countless hours managing their onboarding program manually, LeadingAgile was ready to take the next step in productivity by introducing bots to their Workplace instance. What they needed was an easy-to-use platform that provided support, and was built with Workplace from Meta in mind.

The solutions

Using The Bot Platform, LeadingAgile was able to build and launch four bots on their Workplace instance automating a number of onboarding related processes and tasks, such as notifying staff of key announcements, providing daily encouragement and sending out new hire surveys.

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Business impact

Before using bots, LeadingAgile team members used to handle the entire onboarding process manually.

Employees would literally copy and paste content from a word document every morning into Workplace Chat, turning this into a repetitive and repeatable task. The number of messages and information employees were receiving would be cut down due to the amount of time this took, meaning the information presented to staff members in each training cycle was different and sometimes fragmented.

Now, using bots and automation on Workplace, what used to take half a work day, every day, to complete, now only takes half a day a month.

The logistics of the program have significantly improved and the content experience for each employee is the same every cycle. The full program is set-up in less than a day and staff don’t have to touch it again until the next program, four weeks later.

What LeadingAgile has to say

As a 100% remote company having new people feel part of the larger organization and provide them with relevant content and information can be a challenge. Bots on Workplace was designed to address this, while also saving us precious hours of time.


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