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Wake Up Warrior

Building bots to improve community training, events and member feedback

How Wake Up Warrior are using bots to increase member engagement and save staff time

Key stats and facts

100% of event attendees reached in seconds

38x more efficient than previous processes

Saved workforce time and money

The challenge

With a rapidly growing community of members, Wake Up Warrior wanted to use automated digital assistants and Workplace from Meta to better connect with their audience and drive efficiencies within their internal workforce.

Wake Up Warrior wanted to use bots for a number of use cases, including keeping their members up to date, connecting with event attendees, automating internal processes and opening up their knowledge base.

The solutions

Using The Bot Platform, Wake Up Warrior have been able to quickly and easily build a number of bots on Workplace from Meta.

Click below to explore some of the solutions Wake Up Warrior have built using The Bot Platform

Business impact

As well as using bots to increase their event attendance and engagement rates with members, Wake Up Warrior have also been using digital assistants to automate repetitive tasks and save their employees time. For example, a process that used to take 2 days of time every other week was achieved in just 10 minutes via a bot, and it is now completely automated.

Here's what Gus has to say

Gus Van Dender

I was blown away. Something that used to take up two days of my time every other week had taken me just 10 minutes with the bot.

Gus Van Dender
Wake Up Warrior

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